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The Preserve at Marley Creek, Orland Park

Consisting of 23 acres of commercial land, 68 acres of industrial/office land and over 600 residential units, with single family residences, town homes, and condominiums.

Services included: Boundary Survey, Topographical Survey, FEMA Permitting, Storm Water Management Facilites, Engineering Improvement Plans, Turn Lane Design Builders Packages and Construction Layout.

Tootsie Roll Industrial and Office Facilities, Chicago

Consisting of a 2 million plus square foot complex.

Services included: Plat of survey, engineering improvement plans for building expansion and construction layout.

Liberty Square, Orland Hills

Consisting of 96 condominiums in 7 buildings on 10 acres.

Services included: Plat of survey, improvement plans and consultation layout.

Marquette Landing, Romeoville

Consisting of 3 sites with 386 homes and town homes.

Services included: Plat of survey, topographical survey and FEMA Permitting, improvement plans, consturction layout, and builders packages.

The Preserve at Cardinal Creek, Beecher

Consisting of a 500 unite golf course redevelopment.

Services included: Boundary survey, tompographical survey, FEMA permitting, storm water management facilities, engineering improvement plans, turn lane design, construction layout, and builder packages.

South Hill, Orland Hills

Consisting of 90 condominiums in 3 buildings on 10 acres.

Services included: Revising to be an assisted living site with 87 units- 1 building

Boughton Ridge, Bolingbrook

Consiting of 53 townhomes.

Services included: Numerous residential surveys, ALTA surveys, subdivisions and site development plans.

Numerous Retail, Industrial, Commercial and Office Building Sites

Consisting of hundreds of acres on behalf of TCB Development, Vernon Development Group, McShane Construction.

Services included: Numerous Residential Surveys, ALTA Surveys, Subdivisions and site development plans.





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