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KDC CONSULTANTS INC, provides a full suite of surveying, engineering and land planning services, for commercial, residential or industrial properties throughout the Midwest. The company accepts assignments with standard completion time lines. Low or no-cost evaluation is available within just a few days of contacting KDC Consultants. From concepts to execution KDC is available to implement a strategy for you. Private owner surveys can be completed in just days.

Land Surveying

Land surveys are required for transfer of ownership of real estate in Illinois. The most common surveys are used for the sale of residential homes.

Civil Engineering

Provides the improvement of raw land, generally made during the course of land development; includes design of site roads, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water main, and storm water management improvements.

ALTA Survey

A survey of property that meets the requirements of American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, the American Land Title Association, the real estate law section and the Illinois Professional Land Surveyor Association.

Large Tracts of Land

We are able to meet your surveying requirements on large tracts of land by the use of the most modern equipment. Included in this category are cadastral (section) surveys, lot survey, and metes and bounds.

Staked Lot Survey/
Plat of Survey

A survey of property showing all improvements within property lines and placing stakes at lot corners in accordance with Illinois minimum standards.


Calculating and designing a larger tract of land into smaller parcels, meeting the square footage and frontage requirements.

Consultation Staking

Complete subdivision staking: mass earth, detention areas and underground utilities. Also center line stationing, curb offsets, locating proposed buildings and other related phases of construction surveying.


KDC uses the latest technology for surveys, construction staking, drafting and much more. These include Autodesk Land Desktop, Global Positioning System (GPS), Geodimeter Pro (Robotic Instrument), Data Collectors (SDR), Soki Instruments, and software to accompany equipment.

Subdivision Plats

Showing all necessary information relating to state and local statutes and certificates necessary for recording the division of property.

Builders Package

Includes: Lot Topographical survey, site plan development, building stake and final survey. Planning services to create value by pro actively anticipating the outcomes.

Topographical Survey

A survey showing contours and elevations of a
tract land in relation to an established landmark

Other Services

Site Development Plans, Concept Plans, Land Planning, FEMA Elevation Certificates, FEMA Permitting and Construction Layout.



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